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The EAT Story


Our Group (EPRO Advance Technology Limited and its subsidiaries)
provides renewable energy solutions that will power the future. We have
developed an array of energy-efficient, eco-friendly products that both store
and produce clean energy. One of the company’s principal products, silicon
material (Si+), can be used as anodic material for rechargeable lithium-ion
batteries, increasing the energy densities of current state-of-the-art batteries
by more than 30%. Si+ can generate Hydrogen energy on-demand through
our engineered and manufactured Si+ Hydrogen Modules.

Our History dates back to 2003, when Lau Lee Cheung, Executive
Director and Chairman, and Albert Lau, Executive Director and CEO,
built a lab in Shaoguan, Guangdong, PRC. Initial research focused on
materials for solar panels, especially ways to reduce high purity quartz ore
via electrolysis. After years of effort, we developed a process to produce
a silicon material whose uses greatly exceeds our earlier projects.

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